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at Kolej Kediaman Tun Dr. Ismail ,UTHM

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bilik ke tong sampah (at Kolej Kediaman Tun Dr Ismail (KKTDI))

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lek je Bata

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at Johor Bahru

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ive been tagged by @jihan.salleh and here is 20 things abt myself.

i have tagged another 20 person so feel free to do the same 

1• Norainun Abdullah
2• 27th September 95 
3• from SKTU1 to SMKTU2 to Teknik JB to Kedah technical Matcolls to UTHM (tomorrow)
4• hot tempered kind of person 
5• photography and fashion enthusiast
6• been told i’ve a dark personalities
7• All Star over Vans. Adidas over Nike
8• a fan of Arctic Monkeys and Muse since forever
9• Dr Martens are my fav pair
10• i hate green color
11• luv the same guy since the past 3 years 
12• my best girls fell from heaven izza nadira, jihan salleh, shuhada hassan, atika ramli ♡ 
13• i hate taugeh, onions, and garlic
14• I luv midnight calls and suprises
15• that type of person who took candid pictures of my friends/strangers
16• i have TONS of lipsticks. 
17• white and black also pastels are my fav colors
18• proud johorean
19• i hv this habit suka main kuku orang before tidur
20• i luv to delete everything (tweets, picture, etc)

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happy 57th Malaysia 🌃 #vsco #vscocam #the_artventurers  (at Malaysia)

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2 luggage je 😭😩 I HATE PACKING URGH (at Johor Bahru)

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day out with mamamia

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JBCC has the best toilet.. ever.

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shopping part 2

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#tb (at Johor Bahru)

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teh-tarik #nofilter #naturalbeauty (at Johor Bahru)